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Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

A trip down memory lane including The Tragically Hip and a backyard bash + the world audio premiere of "Bald & Beautiful".


It's the best music from legal thriller, "Damages". Not just another law firm! You best be careful getting involved with Patty Hewes.

Derry Girls

It's the best music from UK teen sitcom, "Derry Girls". A show that will leave you gasping for air from all the hysterical laughter it brings viewers. A truly thoughtf...

Hustl + Flow

Courtney from Hustl + Flow in Uptown Waterloo joins us for a candid chat about the importance of movement and community. Plus, that time where we all started barking u...


A quick chat with Rami from Revive Game Bar in Uptown Waterloo, tunes galore and acknowledging Canada's boyfriend.

I Wanna Get Better

How do you interrupt a sweet and innocent Christmas caroller? Plus, other holiday highlights. A brand new year for our show on Midtown Radio KW starts now.

2022 Holiday Special

A festive atmosphere this week as Midtown Radio celebrates the holidays!

Thank Goodness for Vincenzo's

Owner of beloved Italian food market, "Vincenzo's", Carmine Caccioppoli joins us for a chat.

Hot & Bothered

An over-the-phone service call and yelling incoherently in Italian. What's your state of mind these days?

I've Got Your Colours On My Wall

Do you prefer raking leaves or shovelling snow? We wanna know!

Hands in my Pocket

Speaking truth to power, living with integrity and drinking a case of you.

Better Call Saul

It's the best music from the hit TV series, "Better Call Saul". The editing, sound design, and cinematography from the show are all about detail. The montages sprinkle...

Euro Trip!

We're in Europe! Come along for the ride as we visit three magnificent cities - Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam. We've got local music from each!

Gizmocino's Grand Opening

Have you built your own bar that sticks out the back of your shed and named it after your dog? No? Well, we have. That's what we do here at the house. Get cozy and lis...

Welcome to The O.C.

The O.C. played an integral role in shaping the early 2000's and was a cultural phenomenon. The series is credited with showcasing many artists. Many acts made guest a...

Life is Precious

The radio show debut of SFTN on

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